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Hi, I’m Michelle. I love all things from 90s Disney, Lisa Frank, Dr. Who, Studio Ghibli, Anime, Gaming and Bobs Burgers. (Tina is my spirit animal). I started perler beading in 2012 with a shop name Triforceink- switched to sew bows for my daughter- BowdaciousMommas and now, PixelsGetStitches. This name fits perfectly because I perler bead and sew awesome accessories for you. I try my best to find all the amazing custom fabrics to support small artists and to show off your favorite core memory! Back in the 90s, I had a hard time finding things that I liked (a shirt, scrunchie etc.,) on shows and movies I loved. Now I create headwraps, scrunchies etc., for you all to wear what you couldn’t back then.