New Name Who Dis?

Welcome to PixelsGetStitches!! We have been creating fun geekery things since 2012!! This is our newest shop name! You may know us previously as BowdaciousMommas- we wanted to rebrand and rename something memorable. Having a small business is hard and as always there are learning opportunities that have come our way. We want to help unlock your core memories by bringing back items that you may not have seen since you were a kid. Back in the 90s, it was so hard finding items to support my favorite shows/movies. Now, my mission is to support small businesses by purchasing custom made fabrics with characters from TV, Movies, Games,  & all things NERDY! 

Perler Beading was my first passion. It all started in 2012 when I first saw perler beads online and wanted to make them. It's soothing and so much fun to create pixelated art. My first shop, Triforceink was the home to my first perler bead creations. After a few years, I stopped making them and after having my first child in 2016, I wanted to make pretty bows. I decided to start on my next Adventure.. sewing!  Then came BowdaciousMommas. Our customers were nerdy moms and craft fairs just was not cutting it. Barely making any money, we decided to make other hair accessories including top knots, scrunchies and Disney Ears. That is when our shop took off! It was so exciting. I started working at a hospital and saw the hospital staff wear headwraps. They looked very comfortable and adorable, these were perfect to create! Then we went to our first comic convention! Our purpose was BORN!  We already loved attending comic conventions why not be a part of it. I will say, it's a lot harder than people may think. It takes a lot of hard work and zero sleep to get 3 days together. It's worth it though!  

PixelsGetStitches team involves my husband Mick who knows everything nerdy. anime lover, NCIS buff, DnD master, Critter, Pokemon Trainer and much more!! He is the canvas painter and creates our famous Pokemon magnets! He makes it his mission to make sure they are exactly as pictured from the cards, show and movies. Then there's me, I'm Michelle. Perler enthusiast , 90s kid, elder emo and crime junkie. I love to be crafty and stay busy. I love 90s Nickelodeon and Disney! Funko collector and all things pop punk and metal!  I work at a hospital full time in medical records.  We have two young children and just living life to the fullest. I hope to be able to do PGS full time and travel to different conventions! That is my ultimate dream!!  Thank you for hanging out and reading our post! 

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